4 Best Ways to Land a Freelance Manuscript Editing Job


Are you bored of composing? Perhaps you want to proceed to more lucrative yet simpler field: freelancer manuscript editing. In here, you do not need to squeeze those creative juices from your brain since the articles are already written. You simply need to utilize your knowledge and expertise in using proper grammar, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and capitalization to generate cleaner and much easier-to-read copies for your client.

Should you like to go to get a full-time or part-time career in freelance manuscript editing, You Need to take note of these:

1. You can never be an effective freelance manuscript editor when you don’t have appropriate knowledge on grammar rules and use what you’ve discovered to the copies. Be sure you completely understand subject-verb arrangement, the different elements of speech, and proper sentence structure, amongst others.

2. Determine what degree of manuscript editing that you want to become a professional of. There are actually different levels in manuscript editing. Check which of them you are comfortable doing and get started building your standing in your chosen area freelance editing job.

3. You must know how to utilize some editing programs. There are some tools that you can help you out if you are editing, and it is important you know when, how, and that you use them. By way of example, your personal Microsoft Word includes a reviewing menu, which you can use to keep tabs on the changes which you did into your manuscript. You can even use the Comment balloon to leave some suggestions or notes to your customer, if ever you want some clarification on a particular detail in his copy.

4. Start looking for a publishing firm. When you are starting out, it would be perfect if you can have yourself connected to a specific publishing company or possibly a set of editors. In this manner, you can have steady flow of jobs, and also the experts can definitely help you out as you build yourself as an expert freelance manuscript editor. Make sure, though, that you are ready to demonstrate your value once you’re currently accepted.

An independent manuscript editor can be compensated per page or per word. Hence, if you’ll just perform nicely, you can already be earning thousands of dollars every month. However, before you can reach the stage, make sure you could slowly but surely build your reputation within the specialty.